Craftmanship through quality handmade pieces by Lake Contracts.
Date Posted:
November 22, 2023

Yoga Studio in Kenilworth

Our first collaboration with Boxx Design Studio, Undo is a new Yoga Studio & Treatment Room based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Undo represents a project that underscores the immense value of a strong designer-contractor collaboration, earning it the distinguished status of being a finalist in the prestigious Northern Design Awards of 2021.

Our clients are keen followers of the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and so they wanted to create a modern minimalistic and relaxing space, yet sleek and functional. We have used natural materials with different textures and neutral tones, showcasing our team’s craftmanship through quality handmade pieces.

In the pursuit of this vision, our team embarked on a journey to craft a serene and harmonious environment. Natural materials became our palette, each chosen with utmost care to imbue the space with both tactile and visual richness. The interplay of textures and the choice of neutral tones were pivotal in achieving the desired atmosphere.


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