Lake Contracts had the pleasure to fit-out the first coffee shop for Brew 23.
Date Posted:
November 22, 2023

Coffee Shop Fit-Out Contractors

Brew 23 is one of the best coffee shops in Solihull and our team has had the pleasure to fit-out their first shop. When our client approached us with their unique vision for the space, which called for an industrial, minimalist aesthetic, we were excited to take on the challenge.

To stick to a lower budget, we adopted a resourceful approach, prioritising the reuse of as many existing elements as possible within the coffee shop. This not only aligned with sustainable design principles but also allowed us to allocate resources strategically to areas that would make the most significant impact.

To create a striking and memorable ambience, we introduced carefully selected impact items that seamlessly blended with the industrial-minimalist theme. These unique design elements became focal points, captivating visitors and enhancing the overall atmosphere of Brew 23.

Our collaboration with Brew 23 resulted in a coffee shop that not only met the client's vision but exceeded expectations. The combination of aesthetics and prudent budget management resulted in a space that is both inviting and stylish, making Brew 23 a standout destination in Solihull's vibrant coffee scene.


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